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Exclusively or Ambitious Women with ADHD



This is for You!

The Confidence


is where ambitious women, with ADHD, come together to imagine and create their dreams together.

The experience is an empowerment program, structured to offer the community, support, guidance & flexibility to help every woman find her way forward, without delay.

who it's for

You Belong here because

You're ambitious and realized as an adult you have ADHD.

You're still learning to understand and manage your ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) with or without hyperactivity.

You're ready for a fresh perspective and support to get some wind in your sails, now.

You're ready to:

Feel seen, heard, supported and accepted by women who are like you, in a space where you can truly be everything you are.

Zero judgements, 100% love!

Create personalized success systems... and feel motivated & ready for action every single day.

Success methods made for me... um, yeah!

Conquer any disarray in your personal or professional life... and get organized, without the overwhelm.

Spacious & delicious, yummy.

Dust off a dream or two... and sleep more soundly!

Sweet dreams to me!

Finish projects that matter to you... & feel happier while you're at it.

Focused & Happy

And try new ADHD-friendly ways of being productive in all parts of life.

love my brain, love me!

... and more


A smart, sometimes sassy, multi-passionate woman with a big heart, lots of professional drive, and dreams, channeled into a career or business.

You're not afraid to fail.

Only to never truly try.

You're ready to create lots of positive forward motion now.

Truth is,

most women could use a confidence boost when juggling it all at home, work and beyond.

Especially when the glass ceilings are still very, very real:

In 2020, Canadian women earned 87¢ for every 1$ earned by a man, still 6¢ more than American women.

As careers progress, the pay gap increases. Because only 15-20% of North American women will ever get the top jobs—and salaries.

The Good News!


SOURCE: Statistics Canada Study: Labour market experience, gender diversity and the success of women-owned enterprises, 2020-06-16


As women, we are changing the world through our leadership.

It's important we find our way forward, as neurodivergent women from all cultures and backgrounds.

But what about

Women with ADHD?

Even without ADHD, being an ambitious woman is both amazing—and challenging.

Add getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, to the hormonal soups of motherhood or midlife, and the challenges only grow.


many ambitious women with ADHD will unknowingly use success strategies that won't work for them in the long-term—because they're not designed with them in mind.

Most women can become confused, tired, frustrated because, after years of efforts and personal growth...

They still haven't become that more successful, calm, organized Self who's got it all together, always.

Ambitious women with ADHD deserve to feel reassured they're doing and being enough in their lives,

so they can grow more confident in their choices, and themselves,


That's why our Confidence Accelerator is designed exclusively for ambitious women with ADHD.


The Confidence Accelerator

is all about feeling amazing being all of you.

Instead of fighting yourself, you'll become BFFs with your beautiful, bright, divergently-wired ADHD brain. #win

You'll get the support and develop the skills you need:

Manage your ambitious mind

(even it's typically chatty, naggy or distracted)

Manage your big feelings

(so they don't stall or confuse you)

Manage your crazy schedule

(even if it seems untamable)

We want you to blow your own mind as you you set (and reach!) exciting new goals.

You'll go and grow forward, with new habits and friends. And design your own secret sauce to success with the selected, perfectly adapted solutions we'll explore together.

(no more feeling secretly lonely and frustrated while dealing with your adhd )

We'll explore perfectly adapted solutions to help you manage mind, feelings and time, so you can powerfully imagine and create your path forward. Our approach is rooted research and practice from the best of many fields such as:

positive psychology

UX design & Agile methodology

leadership & transformational coaching

Play theory

constructive & Compassionate communication

productivity & organization

art & creativity

feminist empowerment theories & practices

And much more!

All distilled into what's most effective, and relevant to you, and presented in easy, not overwhelming ways.

Feel-good, easy, fun & effective

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The experience offers powerful new ideas

and resources, in simple ways.

We prefer manageable concepts and tools that work well, easily, and joyfully.

For example



Monday Mojo Session to reclaim your goals and focus
Paper supports (checklists, planners, etc.)
Bite-sized big ideas and lessons (eg. 5-minute videos to put into action)
Weekly confidence accelerator sessions with live coaching
Co-Creation sessions to recommit and do the work, together
Friday Finishing Sprints, to tie up all the loose ends
Fun ways to sift, sort & clear the backlog
Private community exclusive to the club

The Confidence Accelerator offers community, accountability and structure so you can comfortably land in your own two shoes as you practice feeling clear, confident & happy while you move forward through your journey.

Alright, let me apply already!

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This short application will invite you to share a bit about your ambition and ADHD experience.

Once it's completed, and if we believe you're a good fit for The Confidence Accelerator,

you'll be invited to join as a new member and receive the rest of the details.

the Confidence Accelerator

club for ambitious women with ADHD

Join Today!

Two group calls weekly: One for learning and doing (no homework!) + one for coaching (Tuesday & Thursday)

Monday & Friday support to build momentum and confidence

Small group, private virtual community to keep the conversation and support going

Included: one private coaching session to determine the Next Big Win you're striving for

option to add private ADHD Success Coaching.

Private Members hub and printables and videos

option to add private ADHD Success Coaching.

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When can I join?

If you see the "apply now" button or a payment button, you can join.

What's the content?

Every month we'll focus on one big thing to help you manage your mind, feelings and time. Topics might include:

  • Constructive communications: use your words to change your world
  • Feelings, flow and purpose
  • Think better and feel better
  • Time management and power: Creating time
  • Strong like water: How to be agile, not fragile
  • fresh perspectives: creative confidence
  • Managing relationships
  • and more!

What's the time commitment each week? ▹

Expect to spend 1.5-2 hours per week on the accelerator.

There's always room for more, but that's the minimum to make the most of the support offered.

Keep in mind that the time is meant to improve overall how you feel and operate.

It's not a bunch of unnecessary reading and homework.

Sample Schedule:

  • Monday Mojo: Quick co-working session to help you recommit to your weekly goals and kickstart planning. (10 minutes call + DIY time for work, on your own or with other members)
  • Tuesday: Content session: Short content session + Q&A (live, watch recording later) - 30 minutes
  • Wednesday: Your day to do things, focus, or buddy up.
  • Thursday: Group coaching call co-working session (60 minutes)
  • Friday: Finishing sprint
Who else will be in the accelerator? ▹

Women who are just like you:

Diagnosed as an adult, always very ambitious, personally and professionally.

Your peers can be business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals (lawyers, psychologists, accountants, etc,) or creatives.

Women with ADHD and a lot of sass, spark and ambition are in all careers.

We're there to support women who like you, want to be and do their best!

How much does it cost? ▹

Before we get to that, think about the cost of low confidence.

  • Even the smartest, most accomplished women with adhd have lost opportunities because of self-doubt, indecision, procrastination, anxiety and overwhelm. Some have lost millions (story below)

  • Many will spend months or years attending weekly therapy, spending at $150/hr, spending thousands to heal and understand the past, but not necessarily moving forward. Therapy is great for processing trauma. However, ADHD coaching is the action-focused method that best works to create positive forward momentum in your day-to-day life.

While confidence is priceless, we understand you have to budget.

Our goal is to make this accelerator accessible to bring together the women who need it, and are committed to create change now. While you'll truly transform during this experience, the tuition is a lot less than what you'd invest in a college course.

The monthly tuition for the confidence accelerator, which includes access to private coaching is

  • 497 USD /month (four month minimum, with option to keep going).

If you're Canadian and need help with the exchange rate, please contact us and ask us how we can help.

And yes, you can also access private coaching, if not sold out.

Story: Losing Four Million Dollars:

A female multi-millionaire angel investor recently confided that low confidence cost her four million dollars. Her male tech cofounder kept excluding her from important decisions and she failed to confront him—constantly stalling herself—until it was too late and they'd lost their investment, the growth and the company.

Despite early success, they had to close shop.

She was out of her job, and down four million.

Her story could've been different if she'd been confident enough to follow her gut, talk to her co-founder and fix the issues she could clearly see.

Let's all learn from this story—and build ourselves up with confidence.

Why is there an application process?

The application is a for you, and us, to see if this is a great fit for you now. First, you fill out the application. From there, we'll connect over email and a call to confirm enrolment details.

Better than caffeine!

Anne-Sophie helps me achieve my potential. She's a dream builder and navigator."

Aurora J., Lawyer

Simply brilliant.

So tapped in. Priceless!

Kate Flemming, Entrepreneur

I end each day feeling accomplished

Before, I couldn't see what my future looked like. Now, I have better work/life balance which benefits everyone in the family. I end each day feeling accomplished, regardless of the tasks or checklist completed.

Mari A. Entrepreneur

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What People Say

Even a simple conversation leaves you bigger, brighter and more empowered than you were moments before! Anne-Sophie Dumetz speaks in the language of expansion and discovery. Her attitude is remarkably infectious!



BEC ROBBINS' INSPIRED Life & Business Coaching


What People Say

“Before working with Anne-Sophie, I couldn’t see what my future looked like.

Now, I’ve found clarity on “what I want to be when I grow up.” I also have exciting goals opportunities that will make this a reality!

Plus, I’ve learned to take time for myself, be more patient, positive and have therefore become happier and a better partner and mother.I have a better work/life balance which benefits everyone in the family.I end each day feeling accomplished, regardless of the tasks or checklist completed on a daily basis… This work is perfect for someone who’s ready for change!



co-founded her dream Cidery!


What People Say

It was eye-opening to realize how other women were scared to feel confident and trust themselves. 

I finally understand how the lack of safety in the my past was keeping from my present and my future.

It was a big a-ah to I learn that trusting myself starts with with what I GET to do. 

Anne-Sophie you're amazing and very inspiring! 

I love your energy. THIS was EXACTLY what I need. Thank you so much!


, Executive Producer, The Connected Universe Movie


What People Say

Your content is absolutely inspired, compelling & kick-ass-make-a-difference!


Amrita Khalsa (Danielle Seville), C0-CEO of Kaleidoscope Publishing


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Concept & Creation: Anne-Sophie Dumetz, Founder of Luministas

Anne-Sophie Dumetz helps ambitious women with ADHD accelerate their own changes—without feeling tapped out or trapped by personal or professional growth practices that aren’t customized to their beautiful, wonder-filled creative brains. 

She was diagnosed with ADHD at 37, in the middle of it all.

Anne-Sophie is a designer, designer, journalist and feminist who's worked as a mentor and coach to ambitious women since 2013, after leaving a high-powered career in media, communications and marketing.

She holds an Honours degree in Gender in Feminist Studies and an Honours diploma in Journalism. She's a teacher, coach, author, multidisciplinary artist and all-around ambitious super creative gal. She's passionate about uplifting high-potential and high achieving women experiencing mental or emotional challenges linked to a diagnosis such as ADHD.

Confidence Accelerator © Luministas 2021

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